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Blueberry French Toast Foster

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© 2010 Helana Brigman
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Whenever you make breakfast, or brunch for someone, they inevitably choose french toast over anything else.  Waffles? No.  Pancakes? No.  French Toast? YES! Perhaps it’s the perfect sweet-to-not-so-sweet french bread mixture, but French toast is the perfect clearly delicious breakfast entree.

This French toast is like no other.  This French toast, or “Blueberry French Toast Foster” comes from New Orleans and a very snazzy little breakfast food eterie called Stanley’s on Jackson Square.  I got the idea for this recipe after Michael raved about the Banana Foster French Toast Stanley’s serves and after seeing his plate decked with walnuts, caramel syrup, and ice cream, I knew that French Toast New Orleans style was something I had never, ever seen before.  It’s significantly sweeter (much like a dessert), definitely decadent, but perfect perfect for a hot summer touristy day around the city.

This version of Blueberry French Toast Foster is my own spin on the New Orleans recipe.  Instead of regular, plain, blah bread, I used Cranberry Walnut Bread from Whole Foods.  Instead of bananas, I used blueberries (a bit lighter), and instead of walnuts, I used pecans (just more southern, ya know?).  Finally, as I can never forget the great New England treats from which I grew up eating, I added real authentic Maine maple syrup.  Talk about a breakfast recipe that impresses anyone who sees it and is soooo clearly delicious.  Who knew Maine and New Orleans would get along this well? Boy do they!

Blueberry French Toast Foster

This recipe is my own concoction, but for a better idea of what New Orleans Banana Foster French Toast is like, check-out Stanley’s menu here.


* 4-6 slices of cranberry walnut bread

* 1 cup heavy whipping cream

* 1 egg, beaten

* 1 teaspoon cinnamon

* 1 teaspoon vanilla

* pecans, for garnish, to taste (can be candied pecans)

* blueberries, for garnish, to taste (I used about 1/4 cup per plate)

* Maine maple syrup, to taste

1.) Beat egg with cream, vanilla, and cinnamon.

2.) Warm a non-stick skillet on medium high and grease down with non-stick cooking spray (butter is always better, but if you’re looking to cut calories, non-stick works just as well).

3.) Coat both sides of the cranberry walnut bread in the wet mixture and place on skillet.  Cook until both sides are gold brown.

4.) Plate and serve with candied pecans (or regular pecans) and blueberries.   Add maple syrup as you see fit.

Enjoy! Makes 3-4 servings!

Irish Toast

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  1. Posted February 21, 2016 at 1:16 am | #

    Any local fully stocked liqour store will sell banana liqueur/liqour. The brand really isn’t going to matter, as the ingredient will be combined with other ingredients, and also because the recipe will only use a small amount. Good Luck! Sounds delicious!

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