Amy Laws is a recent LSU English and Creative Writing graduate, who couldn’t be happier than when she’s discussing a book or movie in depth. This March, Amy won the Country Roads Magazine’s short story contest with her story “The Living,” and will be published in their June 2013 issue. Her story can also be found online here.

Amy is one of our four Editorial and Writing Interns specializing in a wide variety of projects—articles and essays, recipes and recipe writing, and creative short stories–about living and eating in Louisiana. According to past teacher and mentor James Wilcox, Amy “has a nack for editing.”

Favorite Movie from this Past Year?: Life of Pi

(Current) Favorite Book?: A Game of Thrones (“and yes, the HBO series is amazing, too”).

If She Had to Eat One Meal for the Rest of Her Life?

“Grilled catfish and veggies cooked with lemon juice and butter alongside my grandmother’s homemade macaroni and cheese and a slice of French bread.”

Contact: amy [at] clearlydeliciousfoodblog [dot] com

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