Erica deVeer is a recent graduate of Louisiana State University, with a Bachelor’s degree in English – Creative Writing with minors in French and History. Erica will be attending the University of New Orleans’ Master of Fine Arts program — the Creative Writing Workshop — to study and to write contemporary fiction beginning in the Fall. She also recently won the Undergraduate Fiction Award at the Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers Conference in April 2013 for her short story, “Summer.”

Brought up in a family of Louisiana foodies, Erica loves all things delicious, spicy, and, especially, sweet.

Favorite Dish to Cook or Bake?: Cakes, Brownies, Cookies, and anything else yummy!

Latest Baking Venture: Red Velvet Brownies (which she renamed “reddies”) with cream cheese frosting!

Favorite TV Show: Psych (she loves to laugh and appreciates pop culture allusions).

Erica is super excited to be a part of such an exciting project as Clearly Delicious and hopes to learn as much as possible about writing, food, and food writing!