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Seeduction Bread w/Nutella

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© 2010 Helana Brigman
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I will never forget the first time I encountered Nutella–I was 16, or 17 years old (quite a while ago), and my friend Dan was visiting from England.  He had brought with him a load of stuff that he worried you couldn’t find in America: Nutella, Earl Grey, and a spread akin to Vegemite.  It was incredible.

Dan told me about Nutella–a hazelnut and cocoa spread rich in protein and a distant cousin to our popular peanut butter in the states.  At the time, it had a famous basketball player on it (Kobe I think) and every time I went to the grocery store, I searched for it.  Surprisingly, it was EVERYWHERE, and with the same basketball player and all.  Crazy.

Now when I eat Nutella, I think about Dan and his Atlantic Ocean food smuggling.  Little did he know, he was creating a serious fan of the hazelnut cocoa spread.  I use it on toast, mixed fruit as a low fat, but protein rich lagniappe, and have even been known to add a tablespoon or two when making icing for a cake.  It’s an incredibly versatile spread if used correctly, and extraordinarily tasty.

Seeduction Bread with Nutella
This recipe is, essentially, a glorified toast and spread dish.  Make it for breakfast, or a smaller serving as a healthy and sweet snack.  I like the use of Seeduction Bread as its hardiness plays nicely with the cocoa and hazelnut.

* 2 tablespoons Nutella
* 2 slices Seeduction Bread, toasted

1.) Toast bread.  Spread nutella.  Eat.  Smile.

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