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(Smiling) Lemon Drop Ice Cubes

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© 2011 Helana Brigman
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“Is that martini smiling at me?” one of my girlfriends recently asked as she took a sip of the sweet, citrus-inspired cocktail. At a recent “Recessionista” Party at my house, the clothes may have been “lightly used” as well as free, but the tapas were elegant, and the cocktails were beautiful.  They even smiled at you as you took a sip.

I’m crazy about this simple and easy way to dress up a cocktail in our recession.  Take a lemon (typically 33-to-50 cents at most grocery stores) and cut it into half-moons.  Freeze with lemon drop-flavored ice cubes and voila! A gorgeous ice cube that chills your cocktail, and flavors it as it melts.  Did I mention these were pretty?

For your next ladies’ night, cocktail, martini, or even ice water, try these simply elegant awe-inspiring frozen lemon drop ice cubes.  They’re sure to make you smile.

(Smiling) Lemon Drop Ice Cubes

This recipe is my own, but I have seen similar versions on the Food Network.  Giada De Laurentiis is famous for her girl-friendly drinks, so perhaps checkout her drink recipes at here for more ideas.


* 1 lemon

* lemon juice, to taste

* water (enough for filling an ice cube tray)

* 1 ice cube tray

1.) Wash lemon and remove sticker.  Remove ends.

2.) Cut lemon into circular (thin) slices.  Half slices to the shapes of “half moons.”

3.) Add lemon slices to ice cube tray.

4.) Fill with water and add a couple of drops of lemon juice to each cube (to taste.)  Freeze ice cubes.

5.) Serve frozen lemon drop ice cubes with any number of cocktails.  I served them with a vodka-lemon-berry punch cocktail and my friend Tara’s Rum and Lime juice cocktail with mint.  They were clearly delicious!

Makes 12 ice cubes.

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