-conversations worth joining – 

“10 Food Blog Posts that Will Get You Traffic” 

by Amateur Gourmet, Adam Roberts and Me, Helana Brigman: quantifying traffic

“10 Important Things I’ve Learned about Blogging” 

by Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummand: voice, style, be yourself.

“How the Internet Gets to Us” 

by Alan Gopnik: Our Internet now – Never-Betters, the Better-Nevers, and the Ever-Wasers

 “Gourmet to All That” 

(New York Times Op-Ed) by Chris Kimball: “better nevers” views on the Internet’s role in food writing and Gourmet’s closure

“Did the Internet Kill Gourmet Magazine?” 

by Ed Levine: Serious Eats’ creator’s perspective on the Internet in food writing and publishing (great example of “never betters”)

 “Our Secret List of Banned Words” at Serious Eats

by Kenji Lopez-Alt: yes, there are “no, nos”

“Le Cirque Review” 

by Ruth Reichl: dining in “disguise”

“Only a Jerk Would Eat at Le Cirque” 

by Adam Roberts: Dining at Le Cirque, from an “unknown” point of view

-conversations about women (& “mommy”) bloggers – 

“Baby Talk: Is Mommy Blogging a Vital Support System or a Virtual Overshare?” 

by Marissa Hermanson

 “Better Homes & Bloggers” 

by Holly Hillgenberg

“Why I Can’t Stop Reading Mormon Housewife Blogs” 

by Emily Matachar

“Why Mormon Mom Blogs Are Superior” 

by Kim Tracy Prince

-tips & techniques-

“How to Write for Big Food Magazines” by Kristine Kidd